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Optical Lab

Optical Lab

Advanced Equipment and Software..

Our lab has grown to be one of the largest prescription safety lens labs in the country. The lab not only employs the most advanced lens processing equipment but the most advanced processing software available in the industry as well. This has allowed us to take our product offerings from a solid local company working mainly from faxed orders, to a national provider able to service customers in "real-time" regardless of their location. The Eyeweb lab provides fully automated lens production with Anti-Reflective coating and digital lens surfacing capabilities. Eyeweb is the only independently owned safety lens lab to have both capabilities under one roof.

Patented Measuring Capabilities..

Eyeweb© is a "virtual dispensing" solution with patented measuring capabilities that are highly precise and reliable. These techniques have been used to successfully fabricate thousands of eyeglass frames. This option eliminates the hassles of traditional dispensing options

  • 1) employees having to both find and travel to an off-site provider or
  • 2) waiting for the next scheduled on-site optician visit.

Unique Delivery..

Our unique "Triple O delivery" is to provide safety eyewear delivery options Online, Onsite and Offsite.
Online choices are available through any desktop, laptop, kiosk or mobile device at any location.
Onsite programs are tailored to meet the needs of your organization including periodic visits by a licensed optician.
Offsite arrangements include panel doctors for employees with complete eyecare needs.
Eyeweb's Triple-O Strategy makes safety eyewear available on every shift at every location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week enabling you to provide a consistent, high level of service to all employees.

Taking Safety Eyewear Into the Future..

Today the lab includes a customer service center, an optical shop staffed by licensed opticians and a prescription lens surfacing laboratory. Because of the experience we have gained in almost every imaginable setup, we are confident we offer the best occupational prescription eyewear plans in the industry with the most advanced delivery options. FEATURING FRAMES FROM THESE LEADING PROVIDERS

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